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Invoice Balance

Clients should use this button to make a payment, if:


  • Services we have provided for your case has depleted your retainer balance, leaving additional fees.

  • You have a flat rate fee for a service that we have provided.

  • You receive a bill that states you need to pay your invoice balance.

  • You have not replenished your retainer balance from the last billing cycle.

If you have any questions in regards to your bill, please contact our office for further assistance.

To make a payment online, click the 'Pay Retainer' button below, and fill out all requested fields, along with the amount you will be paying, and then submit payment. Providing an email address will allow you to receive an electronic receipt for the payment made.

Please, only use this button to pay the Invoice Balance on your statement, not the Retainer Balance. Please use the other link provided on the Retainer Balance page, found here.

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