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Abducted by Mommy

At approximately 5:45 this morning an amber alert was sent by emergency broadcast to phone in the Southern Maryland area. 7 Year Old Prophet Marquis Matthew Johnson has been abducted from his bed the night before from his home he shared with his Father and Paternal Grandparents.

It is said that the assailants were his Mother, Maternal Grandmother and two unknown men who forced their way into the home with the sole purpose of collecting the child. Whilst the mother collected the child, dressed only in his underwear, it is said that an assault happened against his father.

The four assailants and the child were last seen in Glen Burnie and on the way to Anne Arundel County. All Southern Maryland Counties have put an Amber Alert out for little Prophet but has and no luck in tracking the dark-colored Chrysler 300, with large rims.

Please be aware that if you see this child or the car he was abducted in, State Police are asking that you do not act to stop the assailants, but call the following number to provide your address, the direction you’ve seen the vehicle leaving in or coming from, and if you have visual seen the child.

Information? Please contact : 410-222-4731

Tip Line : 410-222-4700

Follow the Link for Details:

Fanning Law, LLC Sends it Prayers to the Family of Prophet Johnson.

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