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Court Security Deputy Kenneth Yekstat Retires After More Than 50-Years Of Service

St Mary's County 10/01/2021 By St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office

LEONARDTOWN, Md. - After more than 50 years of law enforcement, Court Security Deputy Kenneth Yekstat retired from the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office this week. Dep. Yekstat served in the US Armed Forces, as well as served and retired from the Maryland State Police. Dep. Yekstat finished his career in law enforcement as a Court Security Deputy with the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Cameron credited Dep. Yekstat for guiding him to law enforcement as a young man and for him ultimately applying with the Sheriff's Office and his many years of service to St. Mary's County.

Captain Steven Hall, Commander of the Special Operations Division said, "I am saddened at the loss of another law enforcement giant with 50 years of law enforcement stored experience and accumulated wisdom but realize this retirement is long overdue. Dep. Yekstat is a patriot first, spending a lifetime in service of country, state and county."

"What an exemplary career Ken has led in law enforcement," Sheriff Cameron said. "He has been a steadfast example of dedication, service and patriotism. We will certainly miss him as he heads off into well-deserved retirement."

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