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Pandemic closes local restaurants

For a team of children, a Blizzard at Dairy Queen is just the right treat after a big win. The secret, salty fries from McDonalds that mom buys to treat herself after shopping without the kids. The Burgers from Burger King before Dad and his buddies head to MGM for a night of gambling. All these small moments are a remedy for some families especially during the Pandemic.

For the Families that travel along Great Mills Road in Lexington Park, Maryland 2 of those small moment remedies have been moved further away from them. As a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and the decline in the sales; the KFC and the Burger King on Great Mills Road, have been closed permanently.

The KFC has a sign on the door stating simply that the business is Permanently closed but here are hopes of a Taco Bell in its same location. The Burger King just simply states that the Location of this Burger King is closed, and patrons can enjoy a meal at the other surrounding locations. There are two remaining Burger Kings in St. Mary’s County, one in California and the other in Charlotte Hall, and one KFC in Leonardtown.

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