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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Truth about Divorce

There is no such thing as a simple divorce. Even in situations where both parties agree, there are still issues that arise during the agreement that can cause an uncontested divorce to become a contested divorce. Court systems will only address the issues that you bring up. Have you thought about Everything??? What about property, retirement, or even alimony?

The fact of the matter is that William Fanning has the experience to address topics you may not have considered. He takes a personal position with all his clients by speaking directly with them in all matters. William Fanning will break down all the confusing talk that other attorneys and courts use so that you can understand what it REALLY means.

So even if you find yourself in a situation where everyone is in agreement, you will need someone that knows all the details required to complete the process through the court. Just like any other government office, the court identifies your case as a number. Questions like, how do we file? How do we get a judge to see us? Who do we submit our paperwork to?

Our office is skilled and proficient in these processes, the Fanning Law Office is here and we can help you.

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