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The Many Differences in Divorce

Divorce is just like any other form of civil lawsuit. There is a process that must be followed in order to complete the state's standards. What will need to happen? Well, that's a tricky question, it depends on what type of divorce it is.

Types of divorce include a no fault, fault, contested, consent, or divorce of a covenant marriage. One of the common misconceptions is that while a no fault divorce involves both parties wanting the divorce, it does not mean that they agree on all the issues. When all parties agree, they complete a consent decree. The most complicated is the contested divorce which can be the result of disagreement on one issue, or even ALL of them.

In most cases, a mediator is assigned to attempt to find a common ground between the parties. While there is generally no jury unless ordered by the state, the judge determines the facts of the issues and rules based on the information provided by both sides.

Here at Fanning Law, L.L.C., we understand that a divorce can completely uproot a life outside of the court process. Divorce is considered a major life event and we can ease the stress of the civil lawsuit process from you so that you can focus on getting back

on track.

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