Divorce Humor

July 20, 2018

Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, both parties in a divorce cannot agree. Settlement and Property Agreements come into play to keep things amicable and to have what was agreed in writing, so there is no doubt if something happens later on. What can be useful for a couple to prevent some bumps in the road is an Antenuptial -or Prenuptial- Agreement.


But there are quite a few marriages that end in divorce, and leave both parties wanting what was once, ‘yours, mine, and ours’ to becoming, ‘me, myself, and mine.’ Perhaps, they were able to agree to how to work out visitation between the kids and their separate homes, but the dog is a sticking point. Maybe, both refused to leave the marital home, and the judge had to get creative. There was even a tweet going around from Lady Lawya, or @Parkerlawyer, that stated:


“Just settled a divorce over Parrot custody/visitation. Neither may teach it negative phrases abt the other. I went to law school for this.”


If you want to see our favorite division of property, please see below:




As you can imagine, this is very amusing, specifically for everyone aware of the Beanie Baby craze in the late 90s and early 2000s. Even knowing that some of these may have turned out to be worth a fortune later, depending on which ones each couple had, is all a part of the humor in the situation.


With Family Law having the serious issues of divorce, custody, and support, we do want to take a step back and see some of the humor in a few choice cases.


Here are five (5) of the strangest divorce settlements:


1) “The couple that split their house in half—literally.”


There seems to be a few stories with this similar type of scenario, in which the home was split in two, via a wall or something similar, but this one takes the cake. This one case specifically occurred in Cambodia, in which a couple agreed to split their home. The husband showed up with a chainsaw and, evenly, cut the house in two, removing his portion from the property, probably to go rebuild elsewhere.


2) “The exes that were ordered to split their apartment in two.”


Here is a similar scenario, in which a judge in Spain ordered this one couple who apparently had financial issues, as well as minor children together, to split their 2,700 square foot apartment in half, and live side by side. This seemed to work out for the involved parties.


3) ‘David Hasslehoff says no one can take "The Hoff."’


When divorcing from his wife, Pamela Bach, the settlement papers explicitly said that he would get to keep the rights to his nicknames and catchphrase. This was an important matter to The Hoff.


4) “The man who was forced to dig up his parent's remains.”


In a case of the wife getting the property in the divorce, this one Australian man had to remove his parents remains and tombstones from their plots. He had fourteen days to do so.


5) “Marvin Gaye paid up with his music.”


A famous singer getting a divorce means large alimony payments to the ex-wife in this one case. In an agreement with both parties, the singer was allowed to record a new album and give the royalties to his ex-wife as alimony, so he would not have to continue making payments. Like a Band-aide, it would be over with as soon as he finished the album. Unfortunately, Here, My Dear was not a hit. Gaye claimed that he did not purposely create a dud, but that was it.


Lawyer humor is probably always viewed better in hindsight, but hopefully some of these odd divorce settlements put a few things into perspective.


If you are interested in knowing your own options, or have any questions in regards to these types of legal matters, please contact our office and schedule a consultation today to obtain legal advice.


For more information, or if you are interested in viewing more strange divorce settlements, please see the article, ’10 Strangest Divorce Settlements,’ for more here



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