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When a person is struggling within their marriage and are looking into their options for divorce, sometimes it comes up: the possibility of Separation from their spouse. People often think of Separation as a way to get space and time to refocus on their own needs, or even to take a break before they determine how to strengthen the parties relationship again, or of how to end their marriage.

Separation can be a legal reason, or Grounds, for Divorce.

Fanning Law, L.L.C., can assist people in achieving separation through a contract for Separation between them and their spouse, helping to protect a client’s rights so that their best interests are represented, or assist people to determine their options in regards to Separation, or even through a limited or absolute divorce.

If you and your spouse have made the decision, unilaterally or together, to live apart, an impossible question is: are you doing this with the intention of ending your marriage or not? Discussing Separation may be your first step in the matter, and should likely be handled by an experienced Family Lawyer to help you navigate through, an attorney like Bill Fanning at Fanning Law, L.L.C.

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